Will Buyers Fall in Love with Your Vacant House

Will Buyers Fall in Love with Your Vacant House?

Selling a vacant house is difficult, for a variety of reasons. With nothing else to look at, buyers tend to focus on every flaw.

Buyers have a hard time visualizing how big the space  is and it often appears smaller than it is. They can not picture how their own furniture might fit in the space, especially if you have a challenging layout. And most important, it is very difficult for buyers to make an emotional connection with a vacant house! They look a little sad and lonely!

Here is an example of the difference home staging can make.

If you are selling a vacant house, home staging can make a real difference. Help buyers visualize how their belongings will fit in the space and how their furniture can be arranged. It will help them picture themselves living there. Furniture, art and color will add warmth and a sense of home that a vacant house can never have. This is the first step in getting buyers to make an emotional connection with the house so they will make an offer.

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Some times in person home staging is not possible. With professional, well lit photos of your vacant property, your photos can be virtually staged.
Virtual Staging Service. Vacant homes leaving your buyers cold? Staging too expensive? Try virtual staging for a fraction of the cost. I drop-in furniture, art, and accessories into your well-lit vacant room photo so buyers can visualize this home as their own!"
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Will Buyers Fall in Love with Your Vacant House Will Buyers Fall in Love with Your Vacant House

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  1. Staging…a girl after my own heart. Potential buyers need to feel that emotion. In an empty house, the only emotion being felt is emptiness.

    As always, such great tips!

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