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Why Decorating Makes Us Happy

I recently painted the exterior of my house and it looks gorgeous, like a new house. Now I am inspired to repaint and redecorate the inside, so that there will be harmony between the outside and inside. The thought of decorating makes me happy.  I know it will take time, work and money to do this, but I don’t care because I know decorating will make me feel great!  Why is that? What is it about decorating that is so good for our minds, our hearts, our souls? Why do we want do it? Why should we do it? I can think of nine reasons, and when added together, the end result is bliss!

It’s Refreshing- One of the first steps in redecorating is getting rid of the old, excess, or unwanted things that are taking up space. Taking stock of what we love and what we don’t or haven’t looked at or used in years is a good first step. This allows us to make room for new things, and provides space to highlight the things we love most. Getting rid of excess stuff always makes me feel refreshed. How about you?

It brings Serenity- Often going through the de-cluttering process brings on a frenzy of organization as we finally have more room for all our things. This always helps me feel like I have a little more control over my life, my destiny, my time. I feel more relaxed after getting rid of things and reorganizing what’s left.

Celebrate Good Memories- Once the decluttering is done, there is more room to re-arrange what is left, display cherished art and accessories in a new way, and  highlight objects with memories of travels, friends, family and our history. Our story starts to come to life for us and others to see.

Express Your True Self-  Once we have decluttered, organized, identified and started to display the things we love and are most meaningful to us, it is time to take stock on what new things to bring into our space. If you haven’t done this for a while, lots of things are probably looking dated and you may be bored with them. Maybe your style and likes have changed and what you have doesn’t express your taste any more. It is time to figure out your true style and bring it to life. Express yourself! We always feel the most comfortable and at home in a space that truly reflects who we are.

Color brings you joy.Whether you love bright, bold color or revel in calming and serene neutrals, color has a big impact on how we feel every day. Changing the colors of the walls or accessories can totally make the space look fresh and new and change your mood…for the better!

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Why Decorating Makes Us Happy

Beauty beats Chaos- What an amazing feeling to walk into your rooms and let beauty, rather than chaos wash over you….think about how much better you feel every day.

Get Sociable– When we are not proud of the way our space looks, we tend to be less likely to invite friends over to socialize. Once your space looks beautiful, you want to show it off! Decorating helps make us more likely to entertain friends at home.

Renewal- Creating that perfect space or sanctuary for ourselves to retreat to during our busy lives is a great way to renew our energy and give ourselves the space and peace of mind we all need.

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Create a sanctuary

Excitement- Redecorating is exciting, a journey of discovery. We are usually not sure exactly what the end result will be. It can be like a treasure hunt for all the right pieces of a beautiful puzzle that tells our story. Sometimes the end result may surprise you!

Now I realize, the process may not be as fun for everyone and some could use a helping hand. You may struggle with the de-cluttering and organization, how to arrange things, how to put things together, figuring out your style, finding new items to complete the space, selecting paint and other colors etc.  That’s what I am here for.And I am happy to help you find your bliss.

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