Attract your Ideal Customer and Increase your Bed and Breakfast Income with Home Staging

Attract Your Ideal Customer and Increase YOur Bed and Breakfast Income and Bookings with Home Staging

Boost Your Bed and Breakfast Revenue with the Magic of Home Staging! Drawing from my dual experience as a home stager/designer and a Bed and Breakfast owner, I’ve harnessed the power of home staging to elevate my B&B’s appeal and increase revenue, targeting the perfect guests. Initially, when I ventured into the B&B business, I wasn’t equipped with the knowledge of home staging. However, once I integrated the home staging techniques and paired them with savvy social media marketing, Read more […]

How to Make Moving Your New Favorite Thing!

I hear you laughing through your computer. Yes, I know. You are thinking yeah, right! I can hardly wait to have my life interrupted with endless showings, lay awake at night wondering if I will be able to sell for a good price or will lose money, find a new house that I actually like and can afford, pack a million boxes, move a million boxes, unpack and not know where the heck anything is for months!  Yes!! I can hardly wait!OK, well, let’s think about this in a new way. How about this?  I can Read more […]