How to Make Moving Your New Favorite Thing!

Make moving your new favorite thing when you learn how to sell your house fast and for more and use your extra cash to make your new home everything you imagine.#edesign #onlinedesign #virtualdesign #interiordesign #homestaging #staging #realestatemarketing #sellahome #homesale #decoratetosell #homestyling #homestagingconsultation #virtualstaging #virtualremodeling

I hear you laughing through your computer. Yes, I know. You are thinking yeah, right! I can hardly wait to have my life interrupted with endless showings, lay awake at night wondering if I will be able to sell for a good price or will lose money, find a new house that I actually like and can afford, pack a million boxes, move a million boxes, unpack and not know where the heck anything is for months!  Yes!! I can hardly wait!

OK, well, let’s think about this in a new way. How about this?  I can hardly wait to sell my house fast and for more than I expect, move into the cool new house I found and make it my perfect dream home! It will be so much better than my last house and I will have some extra cash from the sale to fix it up just right! When I am done, there will be no place in the world I would rather be! Yes!! Bring it on!

Now, I can’t help you find your new home, but I can help you with all the rest! OK, HOW?

Sell Your House Fast and for More

The absolute best way to sell your house fast and for more is to hire a professional home stager to prepare you house for market. Get yourself a top realtor with great marketing skills and get professional photos of your beautifully staged home.

The price of staging should be fully paid for by the final asking price, and more. Bypass looking for the cheapest options, letting your realtor or friend do it, doing a partial staging job and all the rest. The best staging job will bring you the highest profit and fastest sale.

To learn more about home staging options and what it costs, see my blog article Home Staging-How it Works and What it Costs and my video.

Give me a call to discuss local in person home staging. Live outside my service area or want to do the staging yourself? Try my online home staging consultation. Traditional home staging not in the cards for you? Consider my Virtual Staging package but check out my article on the Pro’s and Cons of Virtual Staging first. Does your home need a lot of remodeling that you want to leave to the buyer, but you are worried they won’t be able to see the possibilities and it will take forever to sell? Try my Virtual Remodeling package.

Download a copy of my brochure with all my home staging services and give me a call to see what works best for you.

Make Your New Home Everything You Imagine

Well OK, if you are imagining a mansion and that is not in your budget, maybe not. But there are so many things you can do with your new home to get it set up to be perfect for you with the budget you have, even if you bought a “fixer upper”.

One of the first things most people need is a new paint job, and possibly some new flooring if you are ripping out carpeting from the previous owners. A color consultation can help pick great colors you love and that also work with the fixed finishes you will not be changing. Do you have some colors in mind already but just want to ask an expert if they will really work together before spending money on paint? Try my Will these colors Work Together package.

  • You may need to remodel a kitchen or bath, which also requires picking out the right colors, countertops and more. An Interior Design/Color consultation can also help you with this. Need to visualize everything before you start spending money? Try my Virtual Remodeling package.
  • Since you are moving all your belongings into a new space that has a different floor plan, you may be struggling with how to lay it all out. Try my Floor Planning package.
  • Maybe you need to update the look of your new rooms and feel like most of your existing stuff will no longer work in the new house or you are ready for a change. Try my Full Service Edesign package. Learn more about Edesign- How it works in my blog article and in this video.
  • You want to redecorate using mainly what you already have and could also use a little help with room layout? Try my Refresh Edesign package. Want to redecorate with what you already have and feel like you already have a good handle on the floorplan? Try my Interior Redesign package.
  • You want to tackle all the redecorating yourself, but could use a little advice from a pro to get you off on the right track and help you develop a plan that you may need to take your time with? Try my Interior Design consultation. Or try my Designer on Call package and pick my brain for a couple hours.
  • Planning to start a home-based business or Bed and Breakfast in your new home? I can help you get it set up for success to increase your income, bookings and attract your ideal customer with my Vacation Rental Staging package.

All of the options above can be done online.

Bottom line, you don’t have to tackle this all alone. And in all honesty, yes there will be a little pain involved because it all takes time and disrupts your life. But why not look at it as an opportunity to make some magic happen😊

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By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.


  1. Your point about doing staging right is spot on, poor or partial staging is worse than no staging at all, completely counterproductive!

    1. So true, and such a waste of money for the seller. The cost of doing a great staging job is minor compared to the return of a quick sale for a good price, and bad staging can have the opposite effect. Thanks for reading!

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