Edesign- A Trip to Your Perfect Space in a Ferrari Instead of a Stage Coach

Edesign- A Trip to Your Perfect Space in a Ferrari instead of a Stage Coach

By now, you have probably heard of Edesign, which is sometimes called online Interior Design or Virtual Design. It is a fast way to work together with your favorite designer to create your perfect space.

People put off creating their perfect space for the right time, the right house, the right budget, the right whatever. Before you know it, it has never happened and you have lost such a great chance to improve your life. Why not make it happen now?

Edesign is one way to get there fast. It is a collaboration between the designer (me) and the client (you), where we can work together online to create your perfect space, even if you are in another state.  Or it can be a convenient way to work together with a combination of in-person and online work. 

Edesign- A Trip to Your Perfect Space in a Ferrari instead of a Stage Coach

I always recommend starting with a consultation, such as my Aligned Design consultation, whether we are working together in person or online. It is important to take a holistic look at your whole house or space, both inside and outside to develop a plan before you do any work or spend money on “things”.  This gives you the guidance you need to work on different rooms or projects over time and as your budget allows, knowing in the end, everything will work together and create that perfect space for you.

I Learned to Solve all My Interior Design Problems by Dancing
Aligned Design


You get to take on some of the fun, and the responsibility by taking room measurements, ordering the products I recommend, and putting everything in place. Because of this shared workload, Edesign may be more affordable, but it is important to invest in quality design and products. You can not get your perfect space by spending $89 for a room from one of the big box online stores that don’t pay a good designer enough to consider working for them.

The video below shows my process of how Edesign works. Different designers may offer different services or work with you in different ways. Most will likely provide all or some of the following services which may include a floorplan, concept or mood board, shopping list, 3D render of the final design, and set up instructions

Most Edesigners will start by getting to know you, your style and tastes, your lifestyle, your design issues, etc. A local designer does this with an in-person visit. I send you a questionnaire or we may do a video or phone call.

 Once I know what you like and need, I will start developing a design for you. This usually starts with space planning and developing a floor plan for each room so we know what will fit and how things can be arranged to best fit your lifestyle.

An in-person designer will usually take room measurements of the space and any existing furnishings that you may want to use. Because most Edesigners can’t visit your home, they will ask you to take these measurements and photos for them so they know what they are working with. This information may be requested as part of the questionnaire.

The next step includes developing a concept of a design including furnishings, accessories, paint colors and finishes to create a space that meets all your needs functionally and makes your heart sing with the beauty of the finished design.

While a local designer may present all the pieces of the plan to you in person, with samples that you can see and feel, the Edesigner will provide a concept board or rendering showing all the elements and how they look together.

I Learned to Solve all My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Create Drama with Shapes
Example of a Rendering
Global Design Style-Indian. Laid back, earthy, vibrant and luxurious. Indian design creates inviting, informal, relaxed spaces filled with bright colored hand spun fabrics with paisley patterns, floor cushions around colorful rugs, intricate mandala motifs and nature-inspired themes with flowers, birds, animals. Beautiful bedroom design by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design #globalstyle #interiordesign #mexicanstyle #bohemian #globaldecor #furniture #livingroom #eco-friendly #sustainabledesign #interiordecorating #edesign #onlinedesign #homedecor #moderndesigno-friendly #sustainabledesign #interiordecorating #edesign #onlinedesign #homedecor #moderndesign
Example of a concept board This one shows all the products as well as a floor plan.

You will then get a shopping list of all the parts for you to order and put in place with any final instructions. Most Edesigners will have a follow-up process to make sure it all looks good and answer any final questions.


Get the Look- Mid-Century Modern/Global
Example of a shopping list. Links to products are included.

Hop in the Ferrari

Are you ready to tell your unique story and find the alignment of art, science, and energy that makes you happy now rather than waiting forever?  Take that trip to your perfect space in a Ferrari instead of a stagecoach. Try my Aligned Design consultation and let’s get started

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Edesign- A Trip to Your Perfect Space in a Ferrari instead of a Stage Coach
Edesign- A Trip to Your Perfect Space in a Ferrari instead of a Stage Coach

By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.


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