Interior Design Is NOT About Looking Good

Interior Design is NOT about Looking Good

It is about looking great, feeling great and supporting you to BE great.

Most people think Interior Design is just about making your house look good. Most Interior Designers will make your house look beautiful and will create a space that functions better with your life style so that you are happy and have a sense of pride when others see it.

But great Interior Design is about so much more than looks, form and function. It is about looking great, feeling great and supporting you to be great.

When your space is better, you are better.
When you are better, the world is better. 

Sound Familiar?

Home owners, are you feeling frustrated with how your home looks and feels, trying to pull it all together and worried about making expensive mistakes? Does your space feel like the sanctuary you want to come home to?

Business owners, is your business attracting your ideal customers and making the income you know you deserve?

Home Sellers, are you selling your home and worried that instead of selling fast and for more, it may sit on the market while you keep taking price reductions while dealing with endless showings?

Great design can easily solve all these problems.

Aligned Design

My philosophy of great Interior Design, which I call Aligned Design, considers three key factors; art, science and energy. The intersection of the three is where the magic happens.

The “Art”,  is what most of us think of as  “Interior Design”, and includes beautiful furnishings,  decor, lighting, finishes, color and architectural details, all artfully arranged to look beautiful and function perfectly with our lifestyle.

The “Science”, is about using color science to take your color to the next level. Color has power and affects the way your design looks and how you feel. Using color science, rather than just subjective opinion on what looks good together (the art), provides another level of expertise that takes your space from looking good to spectacular. Science contributes knowledge and products for sustainable and eco-friendly designs that help you stay healthy and protect our planet.

The “Energy” is all about connection. Connecting to yourself, your story, who you want to be and what you need in your space to support that journey (transformative design).  Connecting to the energy around you in and surrounding your home (Feng Shui) and to nature (biophilia). This connection creates another level of “feeling good” that is hard to put into words, but when you feel it in your space you will love that it is there.

Why You Need Art, Science and Energy Together

It is important to consider all three together at the same time, as they all affect each other.

Many people try to design their homes considering one piece at a time. This happens naturally as people have time and money to work on their home. Your home is like your body, however, a whole system that works together. To be healthy, you need to consider all the parts as a whole. 

Start with a plan that considers the art, science and energy of your home together, and then implement as time and money allows.

If you only consider parts but not the whole, this is what can happen.

Art + Science

Beautiful interior design mixed with expert color and sustainable, eco-friendly elements can give you a beautiful house that looks good and is healthy for you and the environment. Visually and functionally you have everything you need. But does it feel good?

  • Without considering the energy aspect, you may not be getting your optimal sleep, be at your most productive in your office, or you may be losing your connection with nature.
  • Without enhancing the energy between you and your house, your health, wealth, and prosperity may not be as good as it could be with good Feng Shui.
  • A design incorporating biophilia makes you feel better by connecting you to nature.
  • Without transformative design element, you are missing out on ideas that support  and nourish your growth and alignment with who you want to BE, which leads to a better life, relationships, and positive impacts in the world.

Science + Energy

You may have an eco-friendly and sustainable home with beautiful color that feels good, but does it look good? Beauty contributes to your well-being.

  • Are you going to feel happy and at your best if you look around you each day and it just does not make you happy and proud of your surroundings?
  • Does the space function ideally for your lifestyle?

Art + Energy

Interior Design alone can create a beautiful comfortable home with beautiful décor, expert space planning, unique art, nailing your design style and creating space that functions with your lifestyle. Incorporating Feng Shui and biophilia create wonderful energy and help connect the outside to the inside.

  • Without the science-based color expertise, it looks nice but never reaches the level of looking fantastic that it could. Color has a huge impact on the way your space looks and feels. Color is the secret sauce that can create true magic. While most designers have a good eye for color, very few are certified color strategists that understand the science of color. Why not go the extra mile and get it perfect?
  • A home can be beautiful, but not necessarily healthy for you or the environment. Incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable design ideas and products helps you feel good and is good for the planet.

Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great

My unique Aligned Design system brings the three together in a holistic way to create  the secret sauce that makes the magic happen.  

Whether you are creating the perfect space for yourself, your business or to attract buyers when it is time to sell, Aligned Design can create extraordinary results for you.

When your space is better, you are better. When you are better, the world is better.

How will I know if my space is better?

You will know because it looks more beautiful, reflects your style, tells your story, feels bigger, flows easier, your colors inspire emotion and stop you in your tracks with their beauty.  You feel healthier while also caring for the environment.

How will I know if I am better?

You feel more relaxed, get better sleep, feel more positive, productive, and connected to nature. You are inspired to create your dream life and have space for learning, silence, reading, working out and doing the things that only you in all the world can offer.  You see, hear, feel the positive changes and it gives you a sense of well-being and inspiration to be your best.

How will I know if the world is better?

When your space looks and feels great, you are happier and contribute to making the world a better place. You are unique and there are things that only you can offer. Your space helps support you to create your unique offering. The world needs you.

Why Does it Matter?

Creating a space that envelops you in your vision of beauty and  color, while fine tuning the energy of your space to promote wealth, health, love and perfect self-expression aligns you with the universe, allowing you to live your best life so you can make a positive impact on the world. 

When we all live in supporting and positive spaces, we can raise the collective consciousness.

Create Your Aligned Design

Are you ready for your house to go to the next level where your house looks great, feels great and supports you to be great? Call today and let’s make it happen.

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Interior Design is NOT about Looking Good
Interior Design is NOT about Looking Good
Interior Design is NOT about Looking Good
Interior Design is NOT about Looking Good

By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.


  1. What a wonderful post, Mary Ann. And I could not agree with you more. With all three of these facets aligned, you are in a situation where you are able to live your very best life, and be your best self.

    1. Thank you Leslie! And it really all is about that in the end, living our best lives and being our best selves. What more could you ask for?

  2. Love “It is about looking great, feeling great and supporting you to BE great.” This is a fantstic statementy Mary Ann to not only introduce your philosphy and your post, it also sums up your 3 points for the magic to happen. Great thought provoking post.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and understanding the true meaning of what I was discussing in this post!

  3. I agree. I believe your space should be a reflection of your inner workings. It’s so much more than magazine-worthy design.

    1. I love the way you put that, a “reflection of your inner workings”. Perfect, thanks for reading!

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