Living in an Ugly House Will Make You Unhappy. Who Wants That?

Most people would prefer to live in a beautiful home. They plan to get around to fixing up their ugly home someday. They are in no rush. But should you be? It is not just about the pretty. It is not just that a beautiful, healthy home looks and feels great and supports you in your journey to BE the person you want to be so you can live the life you dream of.It is not just about the benefits of having a perfect space for you.It is about the cost of not having one. Why Should You Care? We Read more […]

Are you rearranging chairs on the Titanic and expecting a more beautiful outcome?

Does your house look good, feel good and support you in living your dream life?You probably know that investing in a great mattress and beautiful comfortable bedding can help you get a great night sleep. We spend a third of our lives in our beds and it certainly affects the way we look, feel and live if we sleep well, or not.We spend more time in our homes than we spend in our beds. Of course, if affects the way we feel about our lives. That and the items we surround ourselves with also affect our Read more […]

Immerse Yourself in Amazing Office Edesigns and Vote For Your Favorite

I’m sure you are aware of how important a beautiful, relaxing office space that you feel connected with is to your well being and productivity. Do you have one? I recently wrote a blog article, Your Office is the Perfect Space to Relax and Be Happy, describing my philosophy for making your office your happy place and how I created this beautiful office Edesign. My Edesign is one of many beautiful Edesigns that are part of Jenna’s New Office #eDesignChallenge Contest. Check out all the great Read more […]

Make Magic Happen When You are Fearless with Color

If you are like most people, color scares you. You worry you will get it wrong, it will be too much or look boring.You worry it will look nothing like the paint chip once you get it on your wall. or that you will hate it after you spend time and money painting. It is all about the fear.And so, you don’t paint. Or, you paint everything white, gray, or beige.FEARIt’s OK to be afraid of making a color mistake. But, Aren’t you tired of all that?Wouldn’t it be fun to surround yourself with beautiful Read more […]

Your Office is the Perfect Space to Relax and be Happy

It should be. You are probably already aware  of the fact that for many of us, our office, whether at home or at work is a place of stress. How many of us think of work as fun and relaxing? Is your office space your happy place? It should be. If you are like most people, you may have been working at home lately and your experience may not have been fun or relaxing. There are many things you can do to create your perfect office space at home.An office is Read more […]

Create Your Perfect Space by Doing Nothing

The key to beauty, whether it is a beautiful room, a poem, a dance, a piece of art or music is doing nothing. Create silence, emptiness, and space.  The silence is nothing and everything. Without it there is nothing.The silence allows the thing within it, before it and after it to shine, to align and have meaning, so it does not get lost in the racket of life. Creating silence or space is hard. It is not easy or natural for us. Our minds are constantly going with monkey Read more […]

Why Creating Your Perfect Space Matters

Are you a Perfect Space Seeker? Do you want a beautiful, healthy home that looks and feels great without spending tons of time or money? Do you wish your home was a sanctuary and perfect space for you? Your perfect space can support you in your journey to BE the person you need to be to live your perfect life. The Perfect Space- Who Cares? Most of us think our house or space is OK, but we wish it was better. If pressed, we would admit we really wished it felt like a sanctuary, a place that Read more […]