Using Social Media Marketing to Sell Your House

Using Social Media Marketing for your Home Sale


There’s a lot of hype these days about the value of Social Media in promoting an event, an idea and; how about this – a home sale! And why not; social media reaches a larger and younger audience of home buyers.  Its smart selling!

If you are planning on selling a home, you are smart to use social media to capture the attention of potential home buyers. Include social media in your marketing arsenal for a faster home sale. And for sellers who will use the For-Sale-By-Owner strategy; social media is a must.

If social media is not your thing, find someone who is skilled in using Facebook. As the seller, you can provide the other key elements of packaging your home sale and see that it is part of your social media marketing. Doing this will positively shape home buyer perceptions and emotions; those psychological triggers that prompt buyers to make you on offer on their future home!


  • Professional home staging by an expert home stager with real estate knowledge
  • Professional photos of the inside and outside of a property for use on the Internet, in social media & on marketing flyers
  • A real estate “listing” (agent’s advertisement) which accurately describes the home’s features
  • A “Facebook Page” that home sellers can capitalize on to do the following;
  • Capture the “essence” of your home through photos, video and messages
  • Promote your home sale through Face Book “Ads” so a larger audience is aware of your sale. Target your home buyers using location, age, income, demographics, and more.
  • Send “invitations” or advertise your home sale “events,” such as an Open House
  • Create and post videos or virtual tours of the interior and exterior of your home that highlights property features. A video helps make the home come alive for home buyers.

Facebook Pages, ads & videos offer powerful marketing photos, messages and information to home buyers that they won’t see in a typical real estate agent property listing (the Multiple Listing Service, or the MLS).

Together, these additional photos, videos and messages can portray the “essence” of what makes your property stand out from other properties (your competitors) with authentic marketing highlighting the best your house has to offer….something you as the owner know more about than anyone else!

A PICTURE’S WORTH A MILLION WORDS…& HOME BUYERS LOVE IT! Northern Lights Home Staging and Design can create custom social media marketing with Facebook and video to help you sell your home.

Use links to these Facebook Pages, Ads, Events and videos in real estate listings, For-Sale-By-Owner websites, yard signs & flyers, marketing brochures, online Pay-Per-Click ads (PPC), newspaper ads and emails. Link them to other social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus to expand your advertising even more.

Call 907-362-0065 to launch your home sale with my social media tools and services. I can create a great Facebook page and video that captures the ‘essence” of your home for sale and do social media marketing of your page. Combine this with my home staging services and you will have a winning combination to sell your home fast and for more!


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Using Social Media Marketing for your Home Sale Using Social Media Marketing for your Home Sale

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  1. Selling a home for the best price is definitely about getting the psychology right! What great services you are offering to help do that!

    1. Thanks Janet! There is so much about a home that makes it special and appealing to buyers, besides just the facts that you see on the MLS. Expressing the essence of what makes it special is a great way to use social media. Sometimes those types of things can really make the sale.

  2. Getting your marketing mix right when selling a home is essential. You are giving us all a lot to consider and such helpful tips.

    1. Thanks Lisa! It’s so important after spending money on staging and professional photos to make sure you get the word out and buyers are aware of you listing and why it is the best option to consider! Social media really helps.

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