Saving Money on Home Staging will Cost You

Saving Money on Home Staging will Cost You.

Every initial inquiry about home staging usually begins with, “What’s the cost?”

Likewise, if you offer a service or product, you’ve likely been asked the same.

While the cost of home staging might catch some off guard, it’s essential to consider its value. Thinking it’s “too expensive” is relative. Compared to the price drop on your home? It’s a wise investment!

“Home staging is more expensive than I expected.” More expensive compared to what? Not your first price reduction. 

I completely understand the instinct to seek the best deal possible. A recent client expressed that the staging costs exceeded her expectations, but she chose to proceed. She recalled instances where investing a bit more yielded significant returns and satisfaction.

She’s insightful! She hoped for a specific selling price, yet a realtor confided that, given its present state, her home might fall short by $20K. Homes that don’t outshine the competition often linger on the market, frequently leading to reductions of around $10K. This protraction not only causes stress but also escalates costs, including mortgages and utilities.

The outcome? After staging, her home attracted two offers above the asking price within a day and 15 offers in a week, finally selling at a price $30K beyond her initial expectation!

Her investment in staging yielded a return 30 times its cost. Rather than potentially losing $20K, she sold rapidly, netting an extra $30K. So, is staging an expense you can overlook?

Saving Money on Home Staging will Cost You.

Consider another scenario: After staging a client’s home, it was snapped up on its very first day on the market at the full asking price. Although they didn’t secure an amount above their initial price due to maintenance and repair needs, the swift sale spared them the hassle of countless showings and the stress associated with it. Moreover, they saved a considerable sum on monthly maintenance costs.

“Home staging is too expensive. That belief is going to cost you.”

In another case, I staged a home that had been on the market several years without selling. In the beginning, the owner did not want to spend money on staging and tried to sell it vacant. No luck. They had numerous price reductions. After a year or more they decided to stage with a lower priced staging service that did minimal staging in some of the rooms. No luck. Finally, two years later they contacted me. After doing a professional staging job, the house sold in 6 weeks. That was actually very fast considering the home had been on the market for years and had the stigma of “what is wrong with that house that it has not sold yet”. Think of all the money and time this seller lost in trying to save a little on home staging costs.

How much are you prepared to shave off your sales price for a cut-rate staging service, or by skipping staging altogether?

Is the immediate savings on staging worth the potential loss in your final sale price? What truly matters: a short-term saving or a quicker, more profitable sale in the long run?

Home Staging is the cheapest way to sell your house fast and for more.

Ready to drop your expensive belief?

Get your online home staging consultation or staging service today. For in person consultations or staging, call for a custom quote.

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Saving Money on Home Staging will Cost You.
Saving Money on Home Staging will Cost You.
Saving Money on Home Staging will Cost You.
Saving Money on Home Staging will Cost You.

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By Mary Ann Benoit

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  1. Great example! Made more instead of having to lower the price of sale! That makes staging a no brainer.

    1. Thank you, and yes, staging really is a no brainer! For many people, their home is their biggest investment, so it is so important to get a great sales price!

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