Selling Your Home is not about Selling Your Home

Selling your home is not about Selling Your Home

You may have heard that when people buy homes, they buy on emotion rather than logic. What does that mean to you as a home seller? How can you sell your home when what people are really buying from you is not clear?

Selling your home is not about Selling Your Home

They may have a checklist of all the things they are looking for, but when it comes right down to it. they buy because of the way the home makes them feel and they can envision themselves living a happy life there. When you sell a home, it is not about the home. It is about the dream of the life that can be lived in that home.

When you sell a home, it is not about the home. It is about the dream of the life that can be lived in that home.

So what does that really mean? They can envision themselves living there, and they like what they see in the mind’s eye. The life they envision living there is better or different than what they have now. You are offering them the possibility of expansion….or something more.

Selling a dream might be a different lifestyle. Home Staging by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design.

What makes it better, or more expansive? It’s a step up, something bigger,  better or different.  That can be something tangible such as more space, better finishes, more outdoor living space, a nicer neighborhood, better schools, a shorter commute, more storage, etc. Or maybe a different lifestyle, such as in the city or the country.

It can also be intangible, such as a more peaceful life, a greater sense of well being and happiness, better family relationships, more time for themselves to do hobbies or self care or fulfilling dream of starting a home based business or working from home.

How Can you Sell a Dream?

How can you sell a dream? Home Staging. A professional home stager will research your market, determine your target market and they are experts at staging a home to appeal to those people and their dreams.

For example, if the home is nearby great schools, you will likely attract families with school age children. Those buyers want peaceful, happy home lives that are safe for their kids and appeal to their ideal visions of family life. A stager can set up the home to promote a vision of that life.

Nearby hospitals or doctors’ offices may attract nurses and other health care professionals, or it could also appeal to people that maybe are older and have health conditions and want to be nearby. A stager can create a home that shows a possible home office or a home that looks comfortable and easy to move around safely in for older buyers.

Different décor and colors appeal to different age groups and markets, and stagers are experts at appealing to the correct age groups based on your target market.

They know how to make a room look spacious, yet feel comfortable, highlight or create areas for crafts or hobbies, or self care. They can turn an awkward space into a great place for a home office. Or they just highlight how a certain area is a peaceful place to have coffee in the morning or get away to read a book.

Ready to Sell Someone a Dream?

I would like to show you how you can sell your house fast and for more by appealing to your target market’s dreams for a better life. Get started with a home staging consultation today. 

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When you sell a home, it is not about the home. It is about the dream of the life that can be lived in that home.

By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.


  1. This is a terrific post and it’s SO true that you’re not selling a house, you’re selling a dream. Well done!

  2. Absolutely! People choose what to buy based on emotion and then rationalize it with facts. Create the emotional response and buyers will be motivated to act fast and offer more to ensure they get the house!

    1. I know the last time I bought new clothes I bought on emotion and then justified the expense with facts! It happens with just about everything we buy.

  3. Appealing to emotions is probably the best way to sell a home! You are spot on with this approach! I like the idea of selling a dream.

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