How much does home staging cost and who pays for it?

How much does home staging cost and who pays for it? Home Staging by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

How much does it cost is usually the first question I get from home sellers! A better question might be can home staging help me sell faster and for more! Think of home staging as an investment, rather than a cost.

Home Staging is an Investment. Which House Would You Rather Buy?

Before Home Staging
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After Home Staging by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

That investment will depend on the size of your home, if it is vacant or occupied, if the stager will do everything or just a consultation, followed by you, the seller, doing the bulk of the work. It also depends on whether suitable furniture and accessories are present in the home or if items need to be rented.

Stagers charge a fee for a consultation and give an estimate (based on an hourly fee, or a flat fee) if additional time is needed. A monthly rental fee may apply for furniture and/or accessories.

On average, stagers charge $400-$600 for that initial “working” consultation and about $125/hour for their time after that. Furniture and accessory rental costs vary based on what is needed to properly showcase your home.

Just like a home seller shouldn’t pick a real estate agent based on the highest quoted sale price for your home, a stager should not be picked based on the lowest bid. In both cases, the agent and the stager may be quoting that price just to get the job. You get what you pay for. Quality counts.

Staging will always cost less than your first price reduction. An increased sales price of your home, faster closing, and reduced holding costs, will more than cover the staging investment and all with a whole lot less stress!

Home Staging by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

Who Pays for Home Staging?

Some popular options include:

  • the home seller pays all
  • the real estate agent pays for a consultation
  • the real estate agent reimburses the home seller at closing for an agreed amount (such as for the home staging consultation).
  • the real estate agent pays all or part of the staging

More and more Realtors are covering the cost of a consultation as part of their marketing plan, leaving any further investment up to the home seller. If you like to DIY, a home staging consultation may be all you need to properly prepare your home for sale.  Learn more about the costs of home staging and how it works in my blog article, Home staging- How it Works and What it Costs.

Let's Get Your Home Staged Today

Let’s get your home staged today. Start with a home staging consultation, either in person or online. From there, you can take the information and stage it yourself, or we can work together or I can do it all for you. Whether you will be living in the home while it is for sale or it will be a vacant property that needs everything, I can help.

Some other services you may find helpful are a color consultation if your staging consultation highlights the need for re-painting the interior or exterior. Virtual staging is an option if in person staging will not work for your vacant property. And vacation rental staging can help you increase your income, bookings and attract your ideal customer.

The right paint colors can help you sell for more. The wrong colors can decrease your sales price.  Get this report, normally valued at $5 for free when you sign up to receive monthly color, design and staging tips.

Top Paint Colors for a Speedy and Profitable Home Sale by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

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How Much Does Home Staging Cost and Who Pays for It?
How Much Does Home Staging Cost and Who Pays for It?
How Much Does Home Staging Cost and Who Pays for It?
How Much Does Home Staging Cost and Who Pays for It?
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  1. Hi Mary Ann: What a great before and after shot of how home staging makes such a difference!

    And thanks for such an informative post, too, with all of the options for how it’s possible to pay for home staging.

    If I had a home for sale, staging would be 100% an investment I would make, because for me, time is money. And the more time my house would sit on the market, too, the more anxiety..and I don’t need more of that!

    1. Thanks Leslie, and great point. Time is money and the longer it is on the market, not only is it costing you more in holding costs but that stress factor is so important. Home selling tends to be a stressful business I think for everyone.

  2. Great post Mary Ann, your home staging posts are always so thorough and well done!

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