Some Colors are Bossy. Will You Listen to Them?

Some Colors are Bossy. Will You Listen to Them?

Some colors are just plain bossy. You might want to ignore them, but you can’t. And you shouldn’t.

It is not that they are overly bold or colorful.  They are just in your face. Every Single Day.

They are your fixed finishes. The things you rarely change unless you are doing some significant remodeling.

Some Colors are Bossy. Will You Listen to Them?

They are your countertops, your floors, and architectural features such as stone or brick walls or fireplaces, or other predominant features. They are the things that you do not plan to change any time soon.  They are “bossy” because they will be there for a long time, they take a lot of space and are often in your main living areas such as your kitchen or living room.

Hopefully, you like your fixed finishes. Everything really needs to work with them. 

Some Colors are Bossy. Will You Listen to Them?

As an example, say you have Clarino quartz countertops and wood cabinets and flooring, you might consider a light-colored paint that is harmonious with the exact colors in the countertop, and that is also harmonious with the hue family of the wood cabinets and flooring.

Color tip of the month 


How do you do that? Have a color strategist measure the exact colors in both the countertop and your wood cabinets and flooring. They will consider the hue family, color saturation, lightness, and color relationships.

There is a range of color choices that could work. Most countertops have numerous colors in them that can be matched. Or, you could consider a color that is in the same hue family or has similar chroma. Or, you could try a complementary color

Some Colors are Bossy. Will You Listen to Them?

The key thing is to consider the color data of all the colors in your fixed finishes and develop your color choices on color data, rather than guesswork or considerations of imaginary undertones. Of course, it needs to look good too, and you can not rely on data alone. Extraordinary color is the perfect mix of art and science.


Once you know the options that could work,  consider which works best with the fabrics, art, and furniture in the rooms you are working with as well as the rest of the home.

It is all a big puzzle that needs to work together.  The first pieces you put down are your fixed finishes and you build from there.


Some Colors are Bossy. Will You Listen to Them?

Creating a home that not only looks great but feels great, comes from all the pieces working together in harmony. 

This includes the creativity of great design, the science of color, and the energy of how you relate to your space and the environment.  

People often want to do color consultations without considering the whole picture and the Interior Design of the rest of the house. Something will always be missing.

My tip to you is when it is time to pick your paint colors, hire a pro to help you, and take a holistic approach to look at color with the rest of your home’s design.

Are You Ready to Listen to Your Bossy Colors?

My philosophy of great Interior Design, which I call Aligned Design, considers three key factors which are art (creativity), science (color), and energy (connection). The intersection of the three is where the magic happens.

Getting extraordinary color is part of the science of great design.  

Start with an Aligned Design consultation to create a plan to create your perfect space.

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By Mary Ann Benoit

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  1. This is a smart strategy. I appreciate your wise advice on working with the fixed finishes in a place.

  2. The title made me smile 🙂 Such great examples and tips!

  3. Bossy indeed! Great advice, Mary Ann! Not considering fixed finishes as existing colors is one of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make.

  4. So true about color Mary Ann! I can do it with textiles and kitchen and bath, but never ask me to pick a paint color for the walls. That’s when I would call in an expert for sure! I’m so glad you offer color consults to your clients. They’re in good hands and this post explains why!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, color in large doses like a whole wall and a room can look totally different than you expect!

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