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Interior Design and Redesign Services

Interior Design and Redesign Services

My passion is to help you make magic happen in your house by helping you to tell your own unique story, in a way that works for your lifestyle and creates a sanctuary that you love.

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Interior Redesign  We work primarily with what you currently have to transform your home to best fit your taste, lifestyle and budget. It may include simple things that make a big impact like recommending changing paint colors.

Interior Design is similar to Redesign, but may be more extensive and include remodeling or updating your furnishings and accessories to get the look you want.

Working on your home design is as collaborative a process as you want it to be! I work by the hour, and here are some of the things I can do to help you.

  • Color consultation– I can help you choose paint colors to harmonize with your entire home. Whether a full paint job, accent walls, trim or ceiling colors, I can help select colors that will help you feel the way you want to in your space, or make it seem spacious or cozy.
  • Home editing– I can take an inventory of what you have and tell you what to get rid of and how to incorporate new purchases with what you have.
  • Personal Shopping–  Whether online or in person, with you or without you, I can assist in finding the perfect furniture, art, bedding, accessories and more for your home design.
  • Furniture arrangement– Whether using what you currently have or purchasing new furniture, I can configure the perfect layout for your space.
  • Accessory arrangement- including styling of your tables, bookshelves, dressers and more.
  • Art– I can help you arrange existing art or select new art that works perfectly with what you have.
  • Project management– I can recommend, coordinate and advise specialists such as architects, painters, kitchen planners, photographers and other contractors to help you find the best, save you time and make sure it is done right!


Design Consultation

A design consultation which I will walk through your whole house or focus on a particular room, discuss your needs and general concepts for your design plan and give you general advice on what to do. The consultation itself is up to 2 hours.

With this information, you have 3 options.

  • You can do the design work yourself. If so, I can come back for a final  check and help with any adjustments.
  • We work as a team. My favorite approach! We can tackle some of the your design needs from the list above.
  • We do it all! I can take on your design project from start to finish and do it all for you, once we determine your style and needs. This approach still requires collaboration and communication with you at different milestones of your project.

Four Hour Facelift  

The Facelift is a fast and simple way to transform your house or a particular room in a short time using what you already have. Includes a design consultation with a complete plan to update your whole house or a particlular room with hands on re-arranging of furniture, accessories and art.

Designer for a Day

Transform your house or a particular room in a day using what you already have. Includes a design consultation with a complete plan to update your whole house or a particlular room, a color consultation and hands on re-arranging of furniture, accessories and art.

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