Create Magical Ambiance and Illuminate Your Story with Global Style Lighting

Create magical ambiance and illuminate your story with global style lighting

There are a lot of reasons to love Global Style Interior Design. One is that it is all about you, and telling the story of your life, adventures, the things you love in your space. It is a total expression and celebration of you. Does that sound selfish? It’s OK, it is your house. Of course, it is about you!

Each piece tells your story. Celebrate your treasures, old and new. modern and vintage, from various parts of the world.

Create a rich tapestry of color, texture, art, and history. 

In a previous article, I talked about 10 reasons to love global style design.  Let’s talk about my favorite reasons in more detail, which is the magical lighting!

I love the lighting in global style designs. Much of it is handmade with intricate cutouts in metal that create magical patterns of light in a room. See examples from different global styles below, and learn more how to create magical effects with lighting by layering in my article How to Make Magic Happen in Your Home with Lighting.

How to Make Magic Happen in Your Home with Lighting by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design
Modern Global Style Edesign by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design.

Bohemian Lighting

Bohemian style combines many of the specific styles from different cultures noted below, and often includes modern colorful and artistic lighting options. Go wild!

Moroccan Style Lighting

The magical lace-like quality of traditional hand-sawn brass allows many Moroccan lights to cast captivating patterns of shadow and light across the room.

Moroccan Style Lighting
Moroccan Style Lighting
Moroccan Lighting
Tangiers Pendant

Indian Style Lighting

Indian style lighting can have traditional Indian design prints as some of the lamps below, or try something fun like the lotus-shaped chandelier.

Greek Style Lighting

Greek-style lighting can be simple and often uses the color of the sea, the Greek key pattern, or labyrinth pattern that comes from Greek mythology.

Greek key lamp
Port 68 Cameron White and Gold Porcelain Table Lamp with Greek key pattern.

Mexican Style Lighting

Mexican style lighting often looks more rustic and folkloric, and uses wood, iron. pierced metal or ceramics.

Mexican Lighting
Mexican Style Living Room Edesign by NOrthern Lights Home Staging and Design.
Hand Made Manantial Lantern w/Frosted Glass
Mexican Lighting
Onyx and Iron. Castillo Collection Double Table Lamp
Clay Wall Sconce

Turkish Style Lighting

Turkish style lighting often has pierced metal or beautiful colored glass.

Ready to Add Colorful and Exotic Design to Your Space?

My philosophy of great Interior Design, which I call Aligned Design, considers three key factors which are art, science and energy. The intersection of the three is where the magic happens.

Fantastic light is part of the art of great design.  

Start with an Aligned Design plan that considers the art, science and energy of your home together.   Merging creativity, color and connection, we can work together to create your perfect space.

Aligned Design System by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

Learn more about Global style design in my article, Tell Your Story with Global Style Interior Design.  Curious about what Global Style might be right for you? Take the quiz below. Ready to try to get the look in your own home? Try one of my Edesign packages.


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Create magical ambiance and illuminate your story with global style lighting

By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.


  1. I have always loved the pierced metal on lanterns in so many global styles. Great examples here of a key way to add global style with lighting choices!

  2. All such beautiful lighting options. I love the way pierced lanterns create a sparkle in a different way!

  3. These are all such inspiring lighting choices, Mary Ann. And I love the shadows that lighting throws onto the walls. To me, that alone can create a magical ambience in a room with very little furniture.

    1. Thanks Leslie! I know, the shadows from some of the pierced metal lighting from Turkey and Morocco are truly amazing.

  4. All beautiful selections. It’s funny, I’m not drawn to one in particular (maybe because they’re all so pretty).

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